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Youth Voters, Fake Voters Etc, From O-Hi-O

From a reader:


I don’t think we need to be concerned with the new “Rock the Vote” voters, and not for the usual “lazy and apathetic” reasons but because they’ve never voted before and may be intimidated by the whole process. I’m not saying intimidation is by any means a good thing, but the Democrats made the whole challenger issue a giant brouhaha. The publicity they created alone did more damage to their cause than anything a challenger could do in a polling location.

A friend registered at a “Rock the Vote” event and told me she wouldn’t be voting. I asked why and she replied that she’d never voted before and was afraid she’d mess something up or look like an idiot. After reassuring her, she will be voting (and for Bush!) but how many others like her are out there?

Also, I’ve been volunteering for the campaign calling voters and such. I called a “James Brown” on Sunday (wrong number, obviously) and we’re finding a lot of those in general. Not the fabulous names like Mary Poppins (voter registrations for crack in Defiance, OH!) but we’ll call and ask for Sam Johnson and be told that there’s no one there by that name but it is the Johnson’s and they’ve lived there 20 years and had the same phone number and have never heard of “Sam.” Someone went through the phone book and registered correct addresses, phone numbers and last names but fictitious first names.

Of course my polling place was busier than I’ve ever seen it before. I think turnout will be very high but I’m cautiously optimistic Bush will carry Ohio.

The Corner is like crack and I can’t believe I’m going to volunteer today and will be away from it. Keep up the great work!