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‘You’ve Got a Friend’: Kerry Roundly Mocked After Bringing James Taylor to Give French ‘Big Hug’

After enduring a firestorm of criticism for failing to send a high-ranking official to last Sunday’s massive anti-terror rally in France, Secretary of State John Kerry finally made it to Paris on Thursday — where he immediately cemented his reputation as an international laughing-stock.

In perhaps the most pathetic diplomatic apology ever enacted without actually saying “I’m sorry,” Kerry offered a “big hug” to a room full of survivors, family members and first responders involved in the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

And then he trotted out James Taylor, looking on proudly as the 70s-era guitarist serenading the shell-shocked survivors with a soulful rendition of “You’ve Got a Friend.”

The Twitter reaction was swift, with many observers simply refusing to believe such things actually happen in real life:

Others mused about the tactical implications of America’s new folk-music-as-diplomacy strategy:

Then there were those who wondered what the French audience was thinking:

Still others took the opportunity to imagine how the State Department’s move would play abroad:

Finally there was this guy, who just wanted to know who the hell was responsible for this:


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