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Big government Dave has been busy at work in the UK. The Daily Telegraph has the details:

David Cameron sought to position the Conservatives as the greenest party yesterday by paving the way for new taxes on pollution, including a likely levy on air travel. In a radical departure from the traditional tax-cutting agenda, he held back from committing the Tories to adopting £21 billion in tax cuts on incomes, inheritance and business recommended by a party commission.Instead, Mr Cameron promised an incoming Conservative government would “rebalance” the tax system, “shifting the burden of tax from families, aspiration and opportunity to pollution and carbon emissions.

The right word on tax, chum, is “reduce”, not “rebalance.”

The newspaper continues with more details of another Kamikaze Cam suicide note: “A separate Tory commission reviewing transport policy, which reports next summer, is considering big rises in car taxes and petrol duty as well as an increased levy on short-haul flights to establish a “polluter pays” principle. The leadership is worried, however, about being seen to penalise working families taking cheap flights abroad.”

Well duh.


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