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Zarkawi, Women in The Military & a Shrewd Observation

Zarkawi is reportedly targetting U.S. military women in Iraq.

A correspondent makes a sharp observation: ” If you can get past how despicable they are, it really is interesting how terrorists have a brute bluntness that really forces us to confront all of our fashionable pieties — like intolerance about any discussion re profiling or torture, whether Islam can really assimilate in America w/o one or the other radically changing, etc. Here is yet another one: women in combat. If the kidnap and brutalization of FEMALE service members will make Americans particularly queasy and cause them particularly to question the wisdom of a military operation, that doesn’t mean the operation is unwise; it means the female service members are a liability and should not be assigned to the said operation, no? You gotta hand it to Zarqawi, tho — he’s shrewd enough to know that there are few politicians in America who want to have a future and would say such a thing out loud.”


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