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Zell & Arlen

Hugh Hewitt today argues that we’re trying to silence Arlen Specter like the Dems ostracized Bob Casey. Yes, Hugh, there are plenty of RINOs, and I’m no fan of them, but didn’t you notice them all over our convention (vs. the Dems—tell spoke at the GOP’s, recall)? They’ ain’t being silenced. That said, with this Specter business, we are talking about judges. We are talking about the Judiciary Committee of the Senate. We are talking about Specter’s temperament (and not just one interview that he is stuck on trying to rewrite away) and the fact that conservatives won this election and shouldn’t shoot themselves in the foot when we’re about to face a possibly pretty–soon Supreme Court opening.

By the way, the vibes I’m getting from the Senate (actually, like verbatim) is still this-could-go-either-way.


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