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Zimbabwe’s Dictator Mugabe Throws Lavish 89th Birthday Party

While the good die young, the bad guys just seem to stick around. Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s long-serving dictator, celebrated his 89th birthday in the mining town of Bindura this weekend. Mugabe’s birthday cake reportedly weighed 196 pounds, which is particularly galling in a country where 1.6 million out of 13 million don’t have enough to eat. Zimbabwe’s food production has suffered since Mugabe’s land-confiscation program in the 2000s.

Mugabe also expressed his loneliness at his birthday party, bemoaning the passing of his contemporaries and the relative youth of the current member’s of Zimbabwe’s regime: “They are gone and those who remain, you look down upon them because they are young. . . . You take my Cabinet as it is: there is no one I can talk to about how we used to approach girls or we would go to this and that place, riding bicycles.”

In a case of life imitating art, the “Last Dictator Standing” advertisement for South African fast-food chain Nando’s — which was pulled from the airwaves in 2011 after it upset Mugabe supporters — has come true:


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