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Zimmerman Has Every Right to Buy a New Gun — and Probably Should

Some typically asinine commentary meets the news that George Zimmerman is looking to buy a new gun. In the New York Daily News:

Perhaps George Zimmerman is preparing to stand his ground all over again.

Sure, that’ll be it. I bet he’s just itching to re-live the past eighteen months. In fact, he’s apparently so much looking forward to shooting someone else that he’s gone back to the same gun dealer:

The 12-round, 12 gauge shotgun has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $1,197, and is manufactured by the same company that made the PF-9 gun that Zimmerman used to kill Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman is a free man, having been acquitted by a jury of his peers. Whether one thinks that this was the correct decision or not — and I do: reasonable doubt is a sacred principle — he is nonetheless permitted to own whatever legal firearms he wishes to own. And not only is he permitted, but he probably should. The press, the White House, and the usual members of the racial grievance machine ensured that everybody in the country knew George Zimmerman’s name, and now:

Since his fateful encounter with Martin on Feb. 26, 2012, Zimmerman has received a steady stream of death threats, and both he and his parents have gone into hiding.

If I were George Zimmerman, I’d almost certainly buy a gun for self-defence, too. And what better weapon than a shotgun. Don’t believe me? Ask the vice-president:

“Guess what? A shotgun will keep you a lot safer, a double-barreled shotgun, than the assault weapon in somebody’s hands [who] doesn’t know how to use it, even one who does know how to use it,” the outspoken vice president, a shotgun owner himself, replied. “It’s harder to use an assault weapon to hit something than it is a shotgun. You want to keep people away in an earthquake? Buy some shotgun shells.”. . .

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