Critical Condition

Ark. Dem. Blanche Lincoln Gets Publicly Challenged

Christina Bellantoni reports:

Public option supporters bombarded Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) with questions last nightabout why she doesn’t back a public option in the health care fight, with one constituent fretting about losing her seat to a Republican.

“We are terribly disappointed that you have caved in to the insurance industry and failed to support the public option for health care. It may very well affect our vote for you in the next election,” Ray and Judy told her on the chat, which is posted online.

“Unfortunately the insurance companies opposed the bill I supported in the Finance Committee. There are many ways to provide greater options and choices to individuals, including non-profits, a state plan, and a co-op plan,” Lincoln wrote back.

But that wasn’t the last word. Lincoln got six more questions along the same lines.