Critical Condition

Boxing Day?

Dana Perino on the fate of Obamacare/Reid’s presser:

I think the fact that we’re even asking that question today shows that it hurts the chances for a bill. His press conference yesterday was a rather sad affair – all by himself, back to square one, with a twinge of maybe-this-helps-me-in-Nevada politics.

Reading the press last week, one would have thought this was all a done deal, that consensus had won the day and all we were waiting for was a signing ceremony. I found those stories a bit over the top, especially as many were based on polling questions that were, to be charitable, skewed.

This development proves again that legislative reform efforts go in cycles – one week you’re up, the next your back on your heels.

Remember when they said they’d have it done by Columbus Day? Then it was Thanksgiving. Now it’s Christmas. Or, for the Senator from Nevada, maybe he prefers…Boxing Day.