Critical Condition

Campaign Mode

President Obama had an oped in the New York Times Sunday on his vision for health reform. To his credit, the goals he cites in the oped are laudable: choice, lower costs, increased efficiency, and consumer protections. But it’s not at all clear that the policies he proposes will get us there.


He mentions the importance of cost cutting without noting that CBO has said that the Democrats’ plans won’t cut costs.  He criticizes the insurance companies and offers restrictions on them, without noting that those restrictions will likely increase costs. And he makes the case for civility in the debate, while his White House staff remains on the lookout for “fishy” behavior. 

The difference between campaign mode — on display in the op-ed — and governing is having the policies match the aspirations.  The Obama oped, alas, is a little too much like his presidency thus far — long on goals and short on details.