Critical Condition

Can Reid Fix Things?

There’s much talk today about how Harry Reid will “fix” all his problems with Democrats and Joe Lieberman in his manager’s amendment. But can he really? Something that will make Ben Nelson happy and not leave Barbara Boxer screaming for Reid’s head as he sets back women’s rights (in her yelling of it)? Will Jim Webb and Blanche Lincoln be satisfied on Medicare cuts? How many Dem senators are just looking for any excuse they can latch onto not to vote for the mess? (Probably all the aforementioned.)

In conversation yesterday, one conservative activist was very skeptical about how successful Reid’s deal-making will ultimately be:

I think [Republican staffers who are fearful of Reid’s backdoor negotiations] give Sen. Reid too much credit, he is not Speaker Pelosi.  Speaker Pelosi wields her power hard and has somewhat loyal and clever leftenants around her.  Sen. Reid has Sens. Durbin and Schumer — both of whom would love to see him fail and take his job.   


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