Critical Condition

Forty-two More Pages to Read

A “manager’s amendment,” language that proponents offer when they take the legislation to the House floor, has appeared on the website of the House Rules Committee.

While some had feared an amendment that would run on for hundreds of pages, this is only 42.  

For the word “cellulose” to fit in a health-care bill, one would think it was part of an effort to increase the amount of fiber in the American diet. No, it has nothing to do with what we eat, but it does figure in the longest provision in the 42 pages, language on page 14 that would add a Section 555 to HR 3962, “Second Generation Biofuel Producer Credit.” Hard to say whether this is a “pay for,” language that helps pay for health-care reform, or a side deal to sweeten the pot to get some votes. Perhaps someone who follows the renewable-energy debate can enlighten us.

(Also on the Rules Committee website, the official GPO-certified version of HR 3962 has taken the place of the version from the House Legislative Counsel’s office. In the changeover, the file locator for the “NHI” subdirectory which I noted in a Monday post has been replaced with the phrase “Authenticated U.S. Government Information: GPO.” When the web displaces everything, the Government Printing Office can become the “Government Authenticating Office.”) 

— Hanns Kuttner is a visiting fellow at Hudson Institute.