Critical Condition

Friday Parting Shots

So, it would take two weeks for Senate Finance Committee staffers to post the amendments online? And this is from the crew that wants to mandate electronic health records for every American!

I also think we should be mindful of a real (unstated) goal of the swarm of new grant-making bureaucracies proposed in the legislation: They provide soft-landing zones for legislators and staffers who might loose their current jobs as a result of voting for the government health-care take-over.

“Mr. Chairperson, I can’t vote for this bill: My constituents will toss me out.”

“So what? We’ll get you a slot on the Board of Trustees of the Mid-Ohio Valley Gateway Exchange Co-op Foundation for Eliminating Racial & Gender Health Disparities.  Better pay than being in Congress and none of those pesky town-hall meetings.”

— John R. Graham is director of Health Care Studies at the Pacific Research Institute.