Critical Condition

It’s Senator Kirk!

The Boston Globe-Democrat is reporting that at 11am today, Gov. Patrick will announce interim senator Paul Kirk–family friend of the Kennedys and, most disappointing for Massachusetts Republicans, NOT Mike Dukakis.


Why does the local GOP love the Duke?

The former governor had been filling out paperwork as part of the vetting process by Patrick advisers, according to a second person familiar with the process…

Some Kennedy insiders who support Kirk’s appointment, though, have argued that Dukakis is too outspoken on health care issues, espousing liberal positions that could complicate Democrats’ attempts in Washington to moderate their approach on the legislation.

Arrogant, presumptuous, and reliable left?  It was too much to hope for.

There’s still a possibility of a legal challenge but that’s looking less and less likely.  In order for this new law to take effect immediately, the Governor must declare an “emergency.” He must assert that giving Harry Reid another vote for ObamaCare is necessary for “the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, safety or convenience.”

Nobody believes this law is needed to stop Cambridge liberals from rioting in the streets over a single-payer system.  But it appears the Mass GOP has decided that letting the Democrats play this partisan game does Republicans more good than delaying will.

They’re probably right, too.

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