Critical Condition

Media Ignores Contraction of Swine-Flu Epidemic

Every week the CDC comes out with new swine-flu data and every week the media ignore it because it doesn’t say what they want it to say, to wit: “We’re all gonna die; women and children will die the most painfully!” But it’s there on the the FluView website for all to see, and what it says this week is that my assertion that the epidemic has peaked was spot on. Yes, you can collect on that bet with your brother-in-law.

The accompanying graphic from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows both new deaths and hospitalizations down sharply for the second week in a row, with hospitalizations at the lowest level since early October.

Even more telling, though, is that the bottom has fallen out of new infections as shown by the second graph. Test samples doctors have submitted to CDC-monitored surveillance laboratories show that four weeks ago almost 25,000 were sent and of those over 38 percent were positive. It’s steadily fallen each week so that the latest figures now show fewer than 29 percent positive out of merely 11,000 samples (the fewest samples since September), almost a 70-percent plunge from the height of the epidemic!

(And, yes, don’t you think you should have read about this first in the New York Times or Washington Post?)

Michael Fumento is director of the nonprofit Independent Journalism Project, where he specializes in science and health issues, and author of The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS: How a Tragedy Has Been Distorted by the Media and Partisan Politics.