Critical Condition

Murphy Under Pressure

Rep. Patrick Murphy (D., Pa.), a strong Obama backer, is coming under pressure back home:

It’s odd to see suburban Republicans engage in street protest. Generally, conservatives find public displays of disaffection gauche. Besides, they have jobs.

And yet, about 150 gathered on Tuesday night outside Congressman Patrick Murphy’s office in Doylestown. They protested against the health care deal . . .

Awkward as their first steps are, they are making Congressman Murphy sweat. After Murf voted for health care legislation last year, his spokeswoman Kate Hansen told me Friday that he is unsure how he will vote on a final bill, which could come this week.

Murphy is among 30 House Democrats listed as “swing” votes, according former Clinton pollster Dick Morris.

Why would Murphy reconsider? According to his spokeswoman, he “won’t commit to voting for this when we don’t know all the details of the final package.”

My guess is the polls, too, which in the 8th District show voters souring on Obama’s health care plans, according to sources.

In six weeks since Republican Mike Fitzpatrick announced he was running for Congress, Bucks County has gone from “solid” Democrat to “leans” Democrat to “tossup.” The “tossup” ranking came late last week from Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, who analyzes electoral projections.

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