Critical Condition

Needlework With Nancy And Harry

From the Chicago Tribune:

Acupuncturists, dietary supplement makers and other alternative health practitioners, some of whose treatments are considered unproven and risky by the medical establishment, would be brought more squarely into the mainstream of American medicine under the health legislation now before the Senate.

The legislation would allow or encourage doctors to incorporate alternative health providers in some treatment plans. It also includes language that some believe could require insurance companies to expand their coverage for alternative therapies, which in some states could include massage therapy, naturopathy or other treatments.

The measures in the Senate bill are small in scope but significant in the precedents they set. To alternative health care providers, they show lawmakers catching up to the preferences already expressed by millions of Americans, who spend $34 billion a year on alternative treatments.

But will Obamacare fund that other popular alternative medicine? No, for now.