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Obamacare Supreme Court Live Blog – Day Three

Today, the Supreme Court will hear two sets of oral arguments: At 10 a.m. EST, they’ll discuss whether the individual mandate is “severable” from the rest of the Affordable Care Act, and whether the rest of the law — or part of it — should go down alongside. At 1 p.m. EST, the Court will hear arguments on whether Obamacare’s dramatic expansion of Medicaid is excessively coercive to the states, given that states are forced to go along or lose all of their Medicaid funding.

We had nearly 6,000 readers for Tuesday’s live blog on the individual mandate, so we’ll be back again, starting at 10:00 a.m., and going on until the end of the day. (The transcript of Monday’s live blog is here.) We’ll be joined, as usual, by leading conservative health-care journalists and policy experts. Please join us, and bring your comments and questions!

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Avik Roy is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and the author of The Apothecary, the Forbes blog on health-care and entitlement reform. You can follow him on Twitter at @aviksaroy.

Avik Roy is the President of the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity (, a non-partisan, non-profit think tank.

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