Critical Condition

Racial Preferences in the Reid Health-Care Bill

If you search the Reid health-care bill for the words “diversity,” “minority” and “minorities,” “underrepresented” and “underserved,” and “racial” and “ethnic,” you’ll find all kinds of stuff, much of it disturbing, such as using the government’s grantmaking authority to pressure medical schools into affirmative-action admissions policies. (The Washington Times had a front-page story on objections by a majority of U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to various racial-preference provisions like this in an earlier version of the health-care bill; Linda Chavez devoted a column to the issue early on; and I had also noted this problem on The Corner.)  If this post sounds familiar, btw, it’s because I also noted the same problems with Pelosicare last week. Doesn’t Harry Reid read The Corner?