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Re: Stupak

“NRO on the News” notes this graph:

For example, the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program provides health insurance through a variety of companies to more than eight million Americans — but it does not allow abortion coverage in any of its policies. Yet the same companies that offer these abortion-free plans to federal employees also offer plans with abortion coverage to non-federal employees. Given that insurance companies are able to offer separate plans with and without abortion coverage now, it seems likely that they would be able to continue to do so on the newly established health insurance exchange.

The public-option substitute in the Gang of Ten deal is essentially an expansion of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, administered by the OPM, potentially to include millions of non-federal employees. And as Stupak makes clear, that program does not cover abortion. So if the OPM-run plans in the Reid compromise will offer abortion coverage, doesn’t that pretty clearly amount to a reversal of 30-plus years of the Hyde Amendment?

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