Critical Condition

Speech Was No ‘Game-Changer’

So blogs George Stephanopoulos, highlighting a new ABC News/Washington Post poll. He highlights: 

Split on Obama’s handling of health care: 48-48 (46-50 August 17) 

Support Obama’s health care reforms: 46-48 (45-50 August 17) 

President Obama’s job approval is at 54 (57 August 17)

Deficit: 65% think health care reform will make it worse

Medicare: 56% of seniors think it will weaken Medicare

On the crucial “what’s in it for me?” question, twice as many Americans (32-16) think it will make their own care worse, twice as many (40-20) think it will increase their costs, and more than three times as many (37-11) think it will hurt their coverage.

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