Critical Condition

Tom Daschle Is Right, for a While

Tom Daschle has an op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal describing how the Kennedy funeral inspired him to make sure we get health care done this year. He correctly lays out the problem and says we need to fix it. He also acknowledges that there are bipartisan solutions, including one he worked on with Howard Baker and Bob Dole through the Bipartisan Policy Center. As Daschle puts it: “That compromise — which included focusing on preventive care, controlling costs, creating health-care exchanges, and other ideas — can be a blueprint for progress on health reform in Congress this fall.” So far, so good.

But then the piece takes an odd turn, and he says that if Republicans don’t go along with the Democrats — and the current bills in Congress are not aligned with that Daschle/BPC alternative — then Democrats should go it alone and use their majorities to ram through their own, partisan approach. A curious view of bipartisanship, if you ask me.