Critical Condition


Speaker Pelosi and President Obama are declaring political victory today over health reform, but in so doing, they are going against the will of the American people who know they will be the real losers in the massive bill the House passed late last night that would turn our health sector into a nightmare of government bureaucracy. 

Many Democratic members of Congress were strong-armed into voting for a bill that they know violates the basic freedoms upon which this country was founded because they didn’t want to be the ones to hand defeat to their own party.  

But next week they will head home to answer to constituents who will be learning more and more of the details about the bill they supported — the jobs-killing mandates on businesses, higher taxes, burgeoning entitlement programs, government intrusion into personal medical decisions, higher health costs, and federal dictates about the kind of health insurance Americans must have to avoid federal penalties — for starters. 

And members of Congress will have to explain the false promises that the president made to win passage of the bill. In his statement Saturday, Mr.Obama said:  “The bill that the House has produced will provide stability and security for Americans who have insurance; quality, affordable options for those who don’t; and lower costs for American families and American businesses.” In fact, the bill the House passed Saturday night violates every one of those promises, as numerous independent studies have proven.   

And members will have to explain to their constituents why they supported legislation that dramatically changes the relationship between the American people and their government — forcing them to relinquish freedom over health care decisions for themselves and their families to the political will of Washington.  

This bill is awakening a sleeping giant — Americans who are deeply concerned about the growing size and reach of government and trillions of dollars in deficit spending. They are not going to be swayed by flowery rhetoric.  They are going to want real answers.