Critical Condition

Whip Count

From The Hill:

Undecided (78)

Jason Altmire (Pa.) * (N) Many view Altmire as key to passage. He said on Fox News he has “open mind.” Voted no in committee and on floor but bottom line is that his yes vote is gettable

Joe Baca (Calif.) * (Y) Must have for leadership

Brian Baird (Wash.) Retiring member who bucked party on Iraq war surge

Melissa Bean (Ill.) (Y) Conservative Democrat well positioned for midterm election

Marion Berry (Ark.) * (Y) Has been critical of the president since announcing his retirement

Sanford Bishop (Ga.) * (Y) Favors Stupak provision

Tim Bishop (N.Y.) (Y) Must have vote for leadership

John Boccieri (Ohio) * (N) GOP target

Rick Boucher (Va.) (N) GOP target

Allen Boyd (Fla.) (N) Facing primary challenge

Dennis Cardoza (Calif.) * (Y) Secured language for district before last year’s vote

Chris Carney (Pa.) * (Y) A no vote here would be a setback for leadership

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