David Calling

Taking Protective and Punitive Measures Against Terror

Hamas and Hezbollah are now trying their very best to kill Jews, and the response of the world is either to advise the Jews to respond with proportion or to condemn them. It is extraordinary that once again so many people are unable to distinguish between the victimiser and the victim. Israelis have been kidnapped from their country. Is it really wrong to take protective  and punitive measures against terror ?
Tehran is responsible for all the violence.  Fascist murderers run Iran, and their intentions are identical to those of Hitler’s Germany.  Even the language, with its creepy metaphors about Jews as insects or bloodsuckers, is a Thirties repeat. They must be calculating that this is the moment to show that God is with them and will ensure victory. President Ahmadinejad loves images about giving the Zionist tree a little shake because that is enough to uproot it.  He and the ayatollahs have wished this violence on the region, absolutely indifferent to the fact that many Muslims – Palestinians and Lebanese – will be killed. That’s fascist murder for you. No doubt they also calculate that the uproar created by the Jews defending themselves will distract everyone’s attention from the Iranian nuclear program.
Israel is not rampaging in Gaza or Lebanon, but pushing back the Iranian front-line.  It may have to go quite deep into Lebanon to clear Hezbollah out, and reestablish a buffer zone, and prove that Iranian fascism has its limits. It may have to deal with Syria, another fascist slum as well as Iran’s second line.
And when, one wonders, will the Muslim populations realize that they can perfectly well live with the Jews, but under their self-appointed fascist masters they have no choice except to submit to a bigoted racist war, and die pointlessly in it.   


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