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Why Is the U.K. Funding Iranian Executions?

Senator Dianne Feinstein takes her place in the company of those like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange who have been willing to damage the United States for their own interest. Sanctimonious beyond belief, Russian and Chinese spokesmen complain about CIA practices that are too routine even to be noticed in their countries. Advising the United States to change its ways, the regime in Iran is uniquely blending viciousness and hypocrisy.

The Left in Britain, invariably anti-American, is also trying to make political capital out of the torture charge, but the Mail on Sunday, a newspaper with sales of some three million copies, has published a shattering article as a result of which the Labour party campaign will not succeed. Reprieve, an NGO, reports that Britain has provided nearly six million pounds with which Iranian security forces have purchased specialized equipment to contain the drug trade. Britain calls for the abolition of the death penalty worldwide, but this equipment has facilitated the capture and hanging of 2,917 alleged offenders. Some of these executions are carried out in public. Under cover of a war on drugs, political dissenters are murdered in this manner. Grim photographs show corpses, sometimes several at a time and including women, hanging from cranes. The money has been channeled through the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, whose director, according to the Mail on Sunday, praises Iran’s “good practices.” Viciousness and hypocrisy are evidently not an Iranian monopoly, and is that not more reprehensible than waterboarding and sleep deprivation?

David Pryce-Jones is a British author and commentator and a senior editor of National Review.

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