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Andrea Mitchell: ‘Radio Silence’ at Clinton Victory Party

Andrea Mitchell appeared at the Clinton victory party as news of her defeat spread there. She described the atmosphere as one of “radio silence”:

It is just palpable — when those states started turning and they started to see these numbers, people just standing shell-shocked. And there’s no live entertainment here, they’ve got the network projections up, they’ve been piping in speeches like Andrew Cuomo from outside, Chuck Schumer also when he declared victory in his race, so there’s no one here to rally this crowd.

There’s been radio silence except for a few communications that we received without any quotations possible on what they still believe their path to victory could be. Other than that, we have heard nothing from the Clinton family. Earlier in the night they were so optimistic they were giving us color details about what little charlotte the older grandchild was wearing. And at that point they were talking about a victory speech, quite frankly.

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