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Hugh Hewitt: Obamacare Is the Untold Story Here

Hugh Hewitt joined the funereal MSNBC election coverage to explain why he thinks Midwestern voters came out for Donald Trump in this election, and he cites Obamacare and Hillary Clinton’s corruption:

I think there are millions of people like me, people who are worried about the Supreme Court. I think Obamacare is the untold story here. I think it just clobbered people in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. That’s why Ron Johnson won. I had him on my radio show talking about Obamacare. I think the Republicans are holding the Senate because there’s a promise of the repeal and replacing of Obamacare.

After saying that Trump would be an agent of change that would not seek to upend the rest of the party, Hewitt said of Trump:

He will want to accomplish things. He’s a builder. He’s a very different personality than we’ve dealt with before. But for all the reluctant Trump voters out there who came home in the last two weeks, and I am one of them, we’re feeling as though it’s a policy election and it’s a rejection of Secretary Clinton’s ethics.

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