Cotton: Clinton Foundation Conducting “Fire Sale” for Access

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton told radio host Hugh Hewitt Tuesday morning that the Clinton Foundation’s announcement that it will stop accepting foreign donations after Hillary Clinton becomes the next president is a “fire sale” for access.

“The Clinton Foundation should stop accepting foreign and corporate contributions immediately. Announcing that they won’t accept them after the election is worse than doing nothing. Because they just declared to dictators and shady oligarchs there’s a fire sale before the election,” Cotton explained. “Every promise and pledge from the Clintons comes with an asterisk or a loophole. This gives anyone trying to buy favor with a Clinton White House 11 weeks to get their money in.”

Former President Bill Clinton announced last week that “Hillary Clinton’s family foundation will no longer accept foreign and corporate donations if she is elected president, and will bring an end to its annual Clinton Global Initiative meeting regardless of the outcome of the November election,” the Associated Press reported.

The announcement has raised the question why, if accepting such donations would be inappropriate if Hillary is elected, it isn’t inappropriate now, when she’s a candidate. More and more evidence has emerged that donors to the foundation were given special access to the State department while Hillary was secretary of state.

The postponement until after the election, is “really just an alarm bell for all those people to send in their money right now if they want to buy access in a future Clinton White House,” Cotton said

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