Report: Over Half of Clinton’s Non-Government Meetings with Foundation Donors

According to a report from the Associated Press this afternoon, over half of the non-government employees who met with Hillary Clinton during her time as Secretary of State had contributed or pledged money to the Clinton Foundation. Some of these people had donated personally, while others gave money through other companies or groups.

Combined, these 85 donors – out of 154 people with private interests with whom Clinton met at State – gave something around $156 million to the Clinton family charity. Forty of these individuals made gifts of over $100,000 and 20 gave over $1 million.

The overlaps between these meetings — in which many of the individuals requested Clinton’s assistance with a variety of issues – and the subsequent sizeable donations to the Clinton Foundation lend further credence to charges that the Clinton Foundation was a pay-to=play operation.

Meanwhile, at least 16 foreign government officials who met with Clinton during her time at the State Department donated up to $170 million to the Foundation, but the AP did not include this in its investigation because those meetings were directly tied to Clinton’s diplomatic responsibilities.

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