New Polls: Clinton Leads Nationally and in Virginia; Trump Ahead in Utah and Missouri

Hillary Clinton is up 7 points in a new Red Oak Strategic national poll among likely voters. She is also up 8 points in an NBC/Survey Monkey national poll, and up 19 points in a head-to-head match-up against Trump in Virginia.

In the Red Oak Strategic poll, Clinton’s support from moderates is over double Trump’s moderate support (46.5 points to 21.3 points). Those who received a four-year college degree were also more likely to vote for Clinton — she leads Trump in this category 43.6 points to 25.8 points. And among black voters, 77.4 percent support Clinton in comparison to 2.4 percent who support Trump.

The NBC/Survey Monkey national poll shows that Clinton is up by 8 points and confirms her advantage among minorities. “Results from the latest tracking poll show that only 8 percent of black voters support him [Trump], compared to 87 percent who support Clinton. Trump is also behind among Hispanic voters with 22 percent compared to 73 percent who support Clinton. Asian Americans also overwhelmingly support Clinton, 66 percent to 23 percent who support Trump,” NBC News reports.

In Virginia, Clinton leads Trump 55 points to 36 points in a head-to-head matchup, and in the four-way poll that includes Libertarian Gary nominee Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein, she still leads by 16 points. The Roanoke College poll sampled 803 likely voters earlier this month. “Clinton has improved her standing among Democrats since May (91% support her now compared to 78% in May), and Trump’s support among Republicans has declined from 80 percent in May to 78 percent in August,” the report states.

Clinton holds a substantial lead in national polls as well as in Virginia, but there is some good news for Trump: He is ahead in the solidly red states of Utah and Missouri.

In Missouri, though, Trump holds a slim 1-point lead over Clinton — his polling shows greater support for him among white women in Missouri rather than white men, a gender gap that is “the opposite of what the Monmouth University Poll has been finding among white voters in other states.”

And in Utah, a new PPP poll concludes that Trump is up 15 points when matched against Clinton and Johnson, and up 20 points in a head-to-head against Clinton. Trump is even running well among Hispanics in Utah, trailing Clinton by just 7 points.

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