Human Exceptionalism

12 Year-Old Given Transsexual Sex Change Therapy

This is wrong. A boy decides he is a girl–a boy–and psychiatrists and doctors agree to get on with the hormones before he has even had a chance to experience puberty and perhaps come to different conclusions. The worry was that experiencing puberty would itself be traumatic for a boy who believed he is really a girl. (Surgery has to wait until 18, thank goodness.) And here’s the kicker: Shades of Ashley’s case: “Doctors admit that the treatment involves a risk, however, and that its effects on children as young as Kim are not fully understood.” In other words, once again a child is being used in human experimentation.

Frankly, I think we are mucking up our children in so many ways, exposing them to concepts before they are really ready to understand and deal with them, treating them as if they are just diminutive adults instead of children, that we will never understand the lives we have harmed and the pain we have caused.

Yea, Yea. I know. I’m a dinosaur.

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