Human Exceptionalism

ACT Brouhaha Proves Success of Bush Stem Cell Policy

I was asked by To The Source, a weekly on-line news letter with a decidedly “Judeo/Christian” bent that is distributed to more than 100,000 subscribers, to write about the Advanced Cell Technology hype and what it all means. Here is the result. I argue that the intense focus on obtaining pluripotent stem cells without harming embryos validates President Bush’s federal funding approach. I conclude:

“So this is the bottom line: We should never underestimate the imagination and capability of scientists to solve difficult scientific problems. That is why it is crucial that we maintain proper ethical parameters around stem cell research. So long as we continue to insist that nascent human lives matter morally, there seems little doubt that inspired scientists will be able to develop a powerful and beneficial stem cell sector without undermining the intrinsic value of human life.”

The newsletter also contains an interesting interview with Dr. William Hurlbut about his altered nuclear transfer (ANT) project. Check it out.