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Adult Stem Cells May Help Avoid Hip Replacements

Scientists in the UK are using a patient’s own stem cells to treat hip problems. From the story:

British scientists have developed a stem cell technique which is being used by patients to avoid hip replacements, in a major medical breakthrough. Doctors in Southampton are using the pioneering technique, where a patient’s damaged bones are repaired using their own stem cells. Patients hailed the treatment, after many found they could walk normally again without any pain and without the need for hip replacement surgery. So far six patients have had the treatment with only one failure, doctors said.

Five of six patients does not mean this is a done deal.  But can you imagine if this were done with embryonic stem cells?  There would be no room for the story, the New York Times headline would be so large. Yes, of course, the paper of record has ignored this adult stem cell success as it does almost every one that comes down the pike.