Human Exceptionalism

Adult Stem Cells in the News

Whilst I have been sojourning in the land of incredible pasta, a lot has been happening on the adult stem cell front. In order to catch up, I’ll just include a few links and let those of you who are interested follow where they lead:

– Bone marrow stem cells appear to have helped save a German man’s life after heart attack;

Testes stem cells in mice have been transformed into many types of tissues, perhaps pointing the way to treatments for a wide variety of human ailments; (Be skeptical about the Alzheimer’s claim in this story.)

– Skin stem cells used to mend spines of rats.

As always, please keep in mind that this is early research or is anecdotal. But the field continues to progress nicely belying the oft-made–and increasingly tattered–claim that ESCR offers the “best hope” for treatments.