Human Exceptionalism

Andrea Clark: The Bigger Picture

This piece of wisdom was sent to me by Steven Drake, one of the movers and shakers in the disability rights movement. I agree with his point about the Andrea Clark “victory” wholeheartedly:

“This [my previous post] is definitely a cause for celebration, but I think that is much too optimistic. Too many people will walk away from this, thinking somehow this ‘proves’ that the system “works.

Meanwhile, the law is still in effect, Yenlang Vo’s [another futile care case]life is threatened in Austin and we really have no idea how many patients and families are being pressured–families not quite so vocal, knowledgable or determined. The ones that die quietly.

It’s the *statute* that needs to die. Until it does, any victory is a fleeting one.”

Stephen Drake

Research Analyst

Not Dead Yet