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Animal Liberation Front: The True “Sadists”

The ALF has vandalized a researcher’s car in Oregon and boast about it. From the story:

Animal-rights saboteurs have claimed responsibility for vandalizing the property of a second Portland-area scientist who uses monkeys in his research. In a message Friday, the Animal Liberation Front acknowledged creeping onto the Portland Heights property of Dr. Miles Novy early Thursday and damaging two of his vehicles with graffiti and paint stripper.

“Novy’s reproductive research on primates has resulted in this senseless torture of one of natures most magnificent creatures,” ALF’s saboteurs wrote in a message released by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office. “This blatant disregard for the earth, animals and its resources shall not go unseen by the ever-watching eyes of the ALF.”…

The scientist awoke Thursday to find the words “sadist” and “ALF” spray painted in red on his Audi and Jeep Grand Cherokee. Paint stripper streaked the vehicles white. “It’s time to fight back,” the ALF wrote in its claim of responsibility. “The only reason why people like Miles Novy sleep at night is because we let them.”

ALF members are the true sadists. They impede research and thus make it more difficult to alleviate human suffering. (See my article on the Silver Springs Monkey case in which a PETA activist almost prevented a tremendous rehab technique for stroke disability from being developed.)

ALF terrorists aren’t liberators. They just love being destructive and scaring people. It doesn’t rise to civil disobedience since they hide who they are. Pathetic, cowardly, and anti-human.


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