Human Exceptionalism

Animal Liberation Outrages (A Continuing Series)

Here is a story of just one victim of “tertiary targeting,” by animal liberation terrorists.

“First came the threatening phone calls to George Svokos’ home in Franklin Lakes last December. Then his mail was stolen. Fliers appeared on his car and those of neighbors, accusing his employer of animal slaughter and abuse. Burglars broke into the house, stole a credit card and ran up a $5,000 bill, including a blow-up sex doll to be sent to his home. They also stole the itinerary for an upcoming family vacation in London, circulating the details in an e-mail urging the recipients to call the hotel and “make his vacation one he’ll never forget.”

All of this because his company uses Huntingdon Life Sciences to test drugs on animals–testing which is required by law. The silence of the animal liberation movement’s leaders and grass roots about these outrages continues to speak volumes about the nature of the movement as a whole.

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