Human Exceptionalism

Animal Liberationists Harass Official for Euthanizing Strays but Leave Dog-Killer PETA Alone

This story in the Los Angeles Times illustrates vividly how wacky and mean the animal liberation movement has become:

“In recent weeks, one neighborhood in the Larchmont Village section of Los Angeles has been under siege: graffiti scrawlings, stink bombs, menacing midnight phone calls and, in July, a bomb scare that forced an evacuation. Police and political leaders say it’s a part of an escalation by animal rights activists in Los Angeles…The protesters’ target is David Diliberto, a high-ranking official in the Los Angeles Animal Services Department, whom activists blame for failing to stop the city from euthanizing thousands of stray dogs it picks up each year.” (My emphasis.)

EXCUSE ME? As I have blogged and written, PETA routinely euthanizes stray dogs! If these thugs were to be consistent, they would be harassing Ingrid Newkirk. (I don’t want them to do this, of course. They shouldn’t harass anybody.)

But there is no chance that they will issue so much as a peep of protest over PETA killing more than 10,000 dogs in recent years. For many liberationists, the animals are the pretext. The real philosophical agenda is anti-human, and in this regard, they recognize Ingrid Newkirk as one of their own.