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Animal Rights Activists Want Hemsley Millions

Leona Helmsley left her hundreds of millions of dollars to care for dogs. And now the animal rights groups want that action. From the article by the industry funded and excellent information source, Center for Consumer Freedom:

Helmsley’s money, which may amount to as much as $400 million in grants every year, “could make such a difference,” People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) president Ingrid Newkirk told the Associated Press yesterday. [Newkirk] said at least 3 million dogs are put to death each year for lack of spay and neuter programs. “Many people cannot afford the surgery for their dogs,” she said. Last year, PETA raised $30 million. With all of this money, it managed to spay or neuter just 6,341 dogs and cats. (PETA also killed 1,997 pets while finding adoptive homes for just 17.) This is an organization for whom fixing the pet overpopulation problem isn’t a top priority. It’s more interested in ending AIDS research, demonizing carnivores, and targeting children for vegetarian indoctrination. If the executors of Helmsley’s estate were looking for a place to invest pet-protection dollars, they could hardly do worse.

Well, impeding AIDS research would be a less hyperbolic way of putting it, but animal liberationists don’t believe there should even be domesticated animals, so allowing PETA or other such groups to have some of that lucre would be to work against Hemsley’s desires.

CCF concludes:

Here’s a modest proposal for the Helmsley estate: Establish a new national Humane Society, an umbrella group devoted solely to distributing money to local pet shelters. No stealth campaigns aimed at winning legal “rights” for chimps, cows, and elephants. Just a real national Humane Society. We’ve had a pretend one for years. Maybe it’s time for the real thing.

Yes there will be litigation. With all of that money to be had to promote the ideology, Helmsley’s estate will soon look like a it will soon look like jackals on a carcass.