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Animal Rights Terrorists Threaten Life of LA Mayor

The alternative newspapers continue to outshine the MSM in providing basic and in depth journalism: In this story in the LA Weekly, reporter Patrick Range McDonald shows how completely unhinged the animal rights terrorists are becoming in Los Angeles:

Antonio Villaraigosa may need to watch his back. On December 4, the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, a leading mouthpiece for animal-rights extremists in the United States, posted on its Web site a “communiqué” from a newly minted outfit called the Cat and Dog Liberation Army. It read: “Villaraigosa deserves to be bumped off like the dogs and cats we witnessed with their eyes wide, terrified before they were bumped off. He got off way to [sic] easy.” The unknown writer of the menacing note also bragged about vandalizing the car and home of Deborah Villar, the mayor’s sister, in Rowland Heights.

Realize that what these thugs are so upset about is euthanasia at animal shelters. Yet PETA euthanizes animals and even has material against “no kill” shelters. And pet owners face the extremely difficult task of putting their dogs and cats to sleep every day in veterinary clinics throughout the country.

And here is one terrorist apologist justifying going after the mayor’s sister:

“It’s a brilliant concept,” says ]Lindy] Greene unashamedly. “Even though Deborah is not entirely involved, the idea is that she would be very upset and she’ll call Antonio and say, ‘Why do I have to suffer for something you’re not doing?’ There’s a hope that she’ll apply pressure on him, or he would feel guilty for what’s happening to his sister.”

This isn’t some new and “brilliant concept!” Totalitarians and terrorists do it all the time, threaten family members to force people in office to do what they want.

A couple of things need to happen and happen quickly before someone is murdered: First, the animal rights movement as a whole has to rise up and in one voice say this is absolutely unacceptable and that it sullies the entire movement. Then, they have to enthusiastically cooperate with law enforcement to bring these creeps to justice. Silence or non condemnation (PETA’s stance) is immoral and unacceptable. Second, the MSM has to give much greater prominence to this terrorism to raise the public’s consciousness to what is going on.

This kind of viciousness must not be accepted in support of any cause. Otherwise, some victims might just begin to fight back with the same tactics against their tormentors. (Would Green think it would be a “brilliant tactic” if someone she loved were terrorized to force her to help the police find the criminals?) And at that point, we would be well on our way to anarchy.

Alas, I fear this may be what some may want. I have noticed a close connection between anarchists and animal rights extremists. These folk are interested in only in tearing down, never building up.


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