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Animal Rights Thugs Win in the Netherlands

Why would animal rights thugs act better when being threatening to hurt people wins battles? Like in the Netherlands recently, when a plan to build a science park was immediately abandoned when the thugs began to threaten direct action. From the story:

Threats by animal rights activists have led to a developer pulling out of plans to build a science park in the Limburg town of Venray. In a statement issued on Monday afternoon, developer Van der Looy said it would not go ahead with the project due to the “unacceptably threatening attitude” of certain groups.

On Christmas Eve the houses of several project managers were daubed with paint. “We decided immediately to stop,” the company said on its website. The action has been claimed by the Animal Liberation Front (DBF) which said in a letter to Van der Looy that its next action would not be so “friendly”.

If this continues–and especially if it is effective–not only will animal using industries be under increasing assaults–but believers in other agendas will get the message that coercion works. And then, as a society, we will be in very big trouble.

Animal rights believers: You must forcefully reject these activities–even if it means defending industries with which you profoundly disagree. If preserving the rule of law isn’t sufficient motivation, remember, if animal rights activists can attack animal industries, supporters of animal industries can attack animal rights activists.


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