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Assisted Suicide and the California Uninsured

California euthanasia ideologues are working overtime to legalize assisted suicide in the Golden State (A.B. 654). They often point to Oregon as the model for a “good law.” In other places, I have often noted, as have many others, that the Oregon law is NOT working as hyped. However, here is a little statistic that Rita Marker researched, which demonstrates how ugly assisted suicide could become in CA. There are nearly twice as many people without health insurance in CA (6.5 m.), as there are total people in Oregon (3.5 m.). Given that assisted suicide would be the cheapest possible “medical treatment” around if it ever were legalized, and noting that many assisted suicide victims in Oregon reportedly “chose” to die so they will not burden their families, the implications for the poor and uninsured if assisted suicide becomes lawful in California are obvious.


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