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Attempt to ID Babies With Down For Eugenic Abortion Costing Other Babies Their Lives

According to a UK study, the concerted drive to prenatally detect Down syndrome or other anomalies through genetic testing aimed at eugenic abortion is also causing the deaths of babies who have no disabling condition through miscarriage. From the story:

Two healthy babies are miscarried for every three Down’s Syndrome babies that are detected and prevented from being born, research has suggested…

DSEI chief executive Frank Buckley and Professor Sue Buckley, who conducted their research using a database at London’s Bart’s Hospital, also point out that 95 per cent of women deemed to be high risk by the blood test will not be carrying a baby with the disorder, yet most go on to have the tests.

“The screening for Down’s syndrome has consequences for every pregnant woman,” they said. “You cannot look at it as just a search-and-destroy mission focused on babies with Down’s alone.”

Although they admit that their ratio is only an estimate, they are backed by a number of independent experts who fear inexperienced practitioners may also be to blame. Professor Kypros Nicolaides, head of the Harris Birthright Centre at King’s College Hospital in south London, said the loss of healthy babies was “completely unacceptable”

“Search and destroy,” yup that’s a good description of an ugly process, with the unaffected babies apparently the collateral damage.

Here’s an idea: How about not trying to destroy these babies in the first place and then the others will be safe, too.