Human Exceptionalism

Austin “Futile Care” Hospital Now Doing Right Thing in Vo Case

I just received this note from Jerri Ward, the indefatigable lawyer standing in the breach for potential futile care theory victims and their families: “I have good news concerning Yolang Vo. The hospital [St. David’s North Austin Medical Center]has extended the deadline until July 17 in order to stabilize Mrs. Vo for home care. The hospital is actively helping with that process. The pieces are starting to fall into place for home care.”

Good for St. David’s. I believe that most people in these situations want to do the right thing, but have a profound difference about what that “thing” is. I also believe that casting the light of the sun into these cases helps tremendously in convincing hospital administration not to impose medical futility. Nonetheless, credit should be given when credit is due. As Ward also told me, “When hospitals do something good, I think it should be noted.”