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“Right” to be Made Dead Trumps Freedom of Religion

I have spent a great deal of time lately exposing Canada’s pending war against religious liberty that would force dissenting doctors, nurses, and religious healthcare institutions to cooperate with euthanasia.

Now in Belgium, a socialist member of Parliament doesn’t want his country left behind Canada in the destruction of religious liberty.

He has introduced bills that would severely restrict conscience rights by placing short time limits on mandatory referrals for killing (and abortion), and force all medical facilities to allow killing on premises or by staff doctors. From the Gènéthique story (Google translation):

First, [the bill] would be required to respond to the request for euthanasia of a patient in a maximum of seven days of the request.

Then, in case of refusal, or because the conditions required by law are not met, either because of a conscience clause, the doctor would have a period of four days to transfer the file to a colleague willing to practice euthanasia…

The [other] bill seeks to remove the institutional freedom of institutions which refuse the practice of euthanasia, this returning, according to Ms. Onkelinx, ” depriving the practitioner of his individual right of conscience (duty to practice) .” 

As I always say, the culture of death brooks no dissent–particularly from those medical practitioners wanting to express their own human rights-guaranteed religious liberty.


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