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Belgian Euthanasia = 50,000 Yearly US Killings

Belgium has jumped off a vertical moral cliff-from doctor-administered homicide. We have talked about some of the people killed here before, such as the psychiatric patient who was sexually predated by her psychiatrist–so another psychiatrist granted her wish to die. Or the transsexual unhappy with her sex change surgery.

In this post, I just want to point out that 1 in 50 Belgian deaths are from euthanasia–and that is surely too low a number as only those reported are counted and intentional killings from other than lethal injection don’t make the list.

But let’s assume it is accurate. About 2.5 million of us in the USA die each year. So, if we followed Belgium, it would amount to 50,000 euthanasia killings each year. That’s more than can fit into Pac Bell Park in San Francisco.


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