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CA Judge: No Right to Assisted Suicide

Assisted suicide advocates care about results, not methods. If they can’t win in legislatures or in a popular vote, they try to have a judge impose their will.

Two such cases have been filed in California. One trial judge nixed the assertion that there is a right to assisted suicide. From the Times of San Diego story:

Superior Court Judge Gregory Pollack said the case was not about the “right to die” but whether a law making assisted suicides in California illegal was constitutional. Pollack said appellate courts and the U.S. Supreme Court have made a distinction between “letting a person die and making a person die.” “You can’t do that (make a person die) in California,” the judge said

Lest anyone cheer too loudly, the other case was filed in San Francisco–where anything can happen. 

Of course there will be an appeal!

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