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Canada Euthanasia: Remediable = Irremediable

I have now fully digested the Canada Supreme Court’s absurd ruling lethally injecting euthanasia into the Maple Leaf vein. My stomach hurts.

Why do I use the word, “absurd?” Because words, definitions, meanings, common sense meant nothing in the face of the justices’ decision to open the door to doctor-administered death. From the decision:

[127] The appropriate remedy is therefore a declaration that [the statutes outlawing assisted suicide] are void insofar as they prohibit physician-assisted death for a competent adult person who (1) clearly consents to the termination of life; and (2) has a grievous and irremediable medical condition (including an illness, disease or disability) that causes enduring suffering that is intolerable to the individual in the circumstances of his or her condition.

“Irremediable,” it should be added, does not require the patient to undertake treatments that are not acceptable to the individual.

Get that? An irremediable condition may be one that is wholly remediable.

Here’s a clear example that would apply: Sally has diabetes that can be fully controlled by medication. (Or HIV, heart disease, neuropathy, early-stage cancer, you name it.)

She decides she wants to die (for whatever reason), so she claims that taking her meds or receiving other available treatments are not acceptable to her. PRESTO-CHANGO, her heretofore wholly treatable illness is transformed through the sheer power of word alchemy into an irremediable condition!

And since her now-irremediable condition causes her suffering that she subjectively finds unnaceptable–whether or not, that can actually be controlled, or even, objectively exists–the Court has ruled that she can be put down like a dog.

Jack Kevorkian, wherever he is, wishes he could have lived to be part of the upcoming Canadian “death with dignity” regime!


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