Human Exceptionalism

Cathy Young Gets Me Wrong

Cathy Young, a libertarian writer, wrote this piece on transhumanism for the Boston Globe, which she launches using my piece published a few weeks ago in the Weekly Standard. Young tries to take the center spot between those who have a “knee-jerk fear of the unknown” (that would be me, in her view) and the “optimists” who don’t realize that there could be problems in the pursuit of post humanity. Nice try, but in my view, no cigar.

My only real gripe about the piece is that she claimed that I “see something sinister about…the desire to eliminate the physical affects of aging,” which is not true at all. I oppose the transhumanist utopian “immortality” agenda and diverting mass funds from more present health care needs to “cure aging.” But this is not at all the same as opposing helping seniors live longer and healthier lives.